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Save the hounds from the pound is our one and only goal and priority.

Our dream is that one day kill shelters will no longer exist and would be a memory of what once was. Our dream is that pet owners would be responsible with their pets providing pets safe loving homes, current vaccinations, spay/neuter, and micro chipped.

Unfortunately the reality is a pet is euthanized in this country every 11 seconds due to overcrowded shelters, lack of support and funding for shelters. The pet population in the United States is staggering and although there are thousands upon thousands of responsible pet owners there are also those that have ulterior motives from dog fighting to backyard breeding and those that have no regard to life especially the life of a pet.

How you can help by donating a few dollars to help us continue helping the hounds out of the pound. Donating your time by fostering, volunteering at public meet and greets, get involved with your local shelter to bring national awareness to the epidemic of overcrowded shelters, irresponsible pet ownership, and animal abuse.

Please help us help the hounds out of the pound. Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue is located in Sweetwater, TN. We work with various East Tennessee shelters to provide a safe haven for these hounds while working to locate them a safe loving place to call home. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit, we are insured, we are accredited with the BBB of East TN, and we are certified with the USDA.

Thank You,

Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue

Official DDAF Grantee

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SVDR is proud to participate in the Shelter Animal Count Program. Explore the data and see what we are trying to accomplish.



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