MCAS # 35

Name: Clover

Age/Gender/Breed: 3 yr Female Catahoula Mix

Temperament: Better Suited as a only pet

​Medical: No Known Issues

Revolution, Nexgard, Heartgard, Bravecto, Drontal, Stronghold and Avocate.
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Name: Molly

Age/Gender/Breed: 4 yr Female Weimaraner Mix

Temperament: Better suited as a only pet.

​Medical: Treated successfully for heartworms.

MCAS # 32

Name: Tater

Age/Gender/Breed: 2 yr Male Feist Mix

Temperament: Very high strung. Nervous around people, places, and things that he is not acquainted with.

Medical: No Known Issues

MCAS # 26

Name: Mayheim

Age/Gender/Breed: 4 yr Female Catahoula Mix

Temperament: Very laid back. Enjoys lounging and quiet atmosphere. 

Medical: Mayheim unfortunately had to have her front leg amputated due to severe injury so her mobility is limited.

MCAS # 33

Name: Nadine

Age/Gender/Breed: 4 month Female Hound

Temperament: Very loving, playful, affectionate.

​Medical: No Known Issues

MRHS # 25

Name: Cooper

Age/Gender/Breed: 1 yr Male Beagle Mix

Temperament: Very active, Awesome with dogs and cats but wants to be alpha. No Small Children.

​Medical: Fully Vetted. No Known Issues.