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Foster Process:

1. Download and complete foster application. Please list dog including rescue number of dog you would like to foster.

2. Email completed foster application to

3. Allow 3-4 days for follow-up and status of application.

4. Foster Must Have - Fenced yard, veterinary reference plus two non family member references, allow dogs to reside inside with proper food, water, and shelter at all times.

5. Due to our choice of veterinary care we must and can only at this time allow our dogs to be fostered in the following East Tennessee Counties: Monroe, McMinn, Loudon, Blount, Bradley, Meigs, Roane, and Knox.

6. SVDR covers all dog food costs for foster family. All dogs will be fully vetted including spay / neuter previous to being placed in foster care.

Adoption Process:

1. Download and complete adoption application. Please note the rescue number and name of dog interested in adopting.

2. Email completed adoption application to

3. Allow 3-4 days for follow-up and status of application.

4. Please include all information as noted on adoption application and returned application with missing information will be automatically denied for adoption.